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Merrimack24 Online Banking and Bill Payment

Get all your account information, any time you want. It’s easy to use, absolutely secure and completely confidential!

Merrimack24 Online Banking

Enjoy instant access to your Checking, Savings, Money Market, CD, Mortgage, Home Equity and Personal Loan account(s)

Merrimack24 Online Bill Payment

Credit cards, bank loans, the telephone company, even your babysitter – You can pay all your bills without ever having to find an envelope or buy a stamp! If you pay a lot of bills, this free service means big savings on postage and time – sign up today, so you can sample the convenience for yourself!

  • Pay all of your bills with just a few simple keystrokes (bills are paid either electronically or by physical check depending on the capability of your payee)
  • Set up recurring payments for total convenience
  • Enjoy easy record keeping (view payment histories chronologically or by payee)
  • Add payees at any time
  • Have bills presented to you online

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