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Merrimack24 MasterMoney® Debit Card

Make purchases at millions of locations worldwide where MasterCard is accepted. No need to write a check and the funds are deducted directly from your checking account.

Reduce your need for cash or checks for increased purchasing flexibility, convenience, and safety. Increase your money management capabilities with easier and more accurate record keeping.

Effective October 6, 2014, the limit for point of sale is $2,500 and the limit for cash withdrawal at ATMs is $500.

With 15 convenient ATM locations throughout the Greater Concord area, plus surcharge free access to all Meredith Village Savings Bank and New Hampshire Rite Aid Pharmacy ATMs, the Merrimack24 MasterMoney® Debit and ATM Card is now more convenient than ever.

Meredith Village Savings Bank ATMs

MVSB has ATMs at most offices as well as free standing ATMs throughout the state. Visit for the most current list of ATM locations.

Rite Aid Pharmacy

All Rite Aid Pharmacy ATMs in the State of New Hampshire.

Sum NetworkWe’re also proud to be a part of the SUM Network of surcharge-free ATMs. Search for a SUM Network ATM to get some quick cash before hitting the road. The SUM Network gives you access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs. View a list of participating ATMs across the country.

Merrimack24 Debit Card