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CheckReserve Line of Credit

A good life means protecting what's important. A CheckReserve Line of Credit can be a big help.

Wherever you are in life, you want to preserve what you have. But there are always challenges – unplanned expenses, unexpected emergencies and even the timing of when bills arrive – that can leave you with a little less in your checking account than anticipated. Getting a CheckReserve Line of Credit from the Merrimack can make a key difference.

Prevent Overdrafts Automatically

The CheckReserve Overdraft Line of Credit allows qualifying* customers access to a line of credit that enables funds to be automatically transferred into their checking account to cover items beyond their account balance. The basics of the program are:

  • The Merrimack will automatically transfer funds in $100 increments up to your pre-approved amount to cover an overdraft in a personal checking account.
  • Pre-approved lines may be as small as $500 or a large as $5000 depending on your preference and qualification.
  • You can opt to pay back the line through automatic monthly deductions from your checking account.
  • No prepayment penalty.
  • An annual fee of $30.
  • Fixed rate of interest of 15% APR (Annual Percentage Rate).
  • A late fee of 5% will be assessed on any required minimum payment not paid within ten (10) calendar days after due date.

Convenience is a priority for you. Providing value is a promise from us.

To learn more about CheckReserve Overdraft Line of Credit stop by any of our locations or call us at (800) 541-0006.

To apply today, download the application form here.

* Please note that CheckReserve Overdraft Line of Credit is subject to approval and certain restrictions may apply.

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