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Cash Management

Merrimack County Savings Bank's Cash Management Services are designed to help you manage your business funds efficiently, effectively, and automatically. We offer you a full line of choices to help you spend less time on your books and more time concentrating on your business.

Our Cash Management specialist will tailor a program that is specific to the needs of your business. We will learn how your business operates, review your present deposit relationship or Cash Management program, and prepare a Cash Management solution that meets your unique needs.

Merrimack 24 Online Cash Management

With Merrimack 24 Online Cash Management you can do all your business banking online, on your own time. You can access your accounts, transfer funds between accounts, and monitor all the activity in your account in real time. Add Bill Payment for even more efficiency. All this can be done wherever you have a connection to the Internet.

The basic service, including Bill Payment, is free with your Merrimack checking, savings, or money market account.

For more information about options such as ACH originations and wire transfers, and to register your business, contact your local branch manager or Tom Dustin.

Small Business Online Banking

If you decide that the Small Business option is more appropriate for your business, you may register online. Just click on the Small Business button, then the "click here to register" at the top of the next screen. Then you simply enter the information needed to register, accept the Online Agreement, and submit the information to the bank. We will then email you codes to login to Small Business Online. Again, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Merrimack 24 Debit BusinessCard™

Simplify your business banking with the Merrimack 24 BusinessCard, a debit card that you can use to make business purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted. Plus you can withdraw cash from your business checking account at thousands of ATMs worldwide.

The Merrimack 24 BusinessCard comes with an array of special privileges including Purchase Assurance, MasterTrip, Travel Assistance, and more.

Merrimack24 Remote Deposit

Another time-saving management tool is Merrimack24 Remote Deposit which gives you the power to deposit checks from the comfort of your office, saving you from making trips to the bank and giving you 24/7 convenience.

Here’s how it works. A small desktop scanner is connected to your office computer and the Internet. When you receive checks, you simply connect to The Merrimack through an easy-to-use interface, scan checks with the scanner, and deposits are made electronically. Security is ensured through the latest encryption technology.

Sweep Accounts

Sweep to Investment. The Merrimack's Investment Sweep will relieve you of making the decision on when to transfer funds to make the most of your idle cash. Each day after all debits and credits are posted, excess available funds above a predetermined target balance in your commercial checking account are automatically invested into a Daily Repurchase Agreement investment or money market account. In addition, we can link multiple zero balance accounts (ZBAs) to enhance your return.

Sweep to Line of Credit. Our Line of Credit Sweep will relieve you of making the decision on when to transfer funds to or from your Line of Credit. Each day after all debits and credits are posted, excess available funds above a predetermined target balance in your commercial checking account are automatically used to pay down your line. If funds are insufficient in your account to cover check presentments, funds are automatically advanced from your Line of Credit.

Sweep to Line to Investment. A combination of the Sweep to Investment and the Sweep to Line services, this sweep will use any excess funds above a predetermined target balance to pay down your Line of Credit and sweep funds to your investment product with any other available balance. If there are deficient funds in the operating account to cover checks presented, funds will be moved from the Investment first and if needed there would be an advance on the Line of Credit.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA). Zero Balance Accounts enable your business to maintain separate checking accounts for bookkeeping purposes while eliminating idle balances and the need to make manual transfers. The ZBA is linked to the main operating account and maintains a zero balance until all checks are posted, at which time the ZBA account will be automatically funded.

The ZBA provides an inexpensive way to concentrate all your funds into your main operating account to maximize your return. The most common use for this type of account is a Payroll account, but they are also used to concentrate funds from several locations into one central account.

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Transactions

Direct Deposit. Using ACH for direct deposit offers several distinct benefits for your company and your employees. With direct deposit, you can make life easier for your employees by eliminating the need to visit the bank to cash or deposit payroll checks. For your company, it saves you the time and expense of producing paper checks for payroll, expense reimbursements, stock dividends, company bonuses, pensions, and interest payments.

Direct Payment. With direct payment, you can completely automate your collection process. Once your customers agree to having their recurring payments debited from their account, you can electronically collect funds and transfer them to your business account at the bank. There's no need to mail invoices or wait for checks to be returned in the mail.

In addition, with Cash Concentration services, you can electronically transfer funds between business accounts, even if they are at different financial institutions.


A unique offering through a network of participating financial institutions that allows FDIC insured CD deposits in amounts greater than $100,000. Click here for more information.

Merchant Card Services

We offer full service card processing for our business customers.

Other Services

We have a variety of other services to help round out the management of your company's cash flow:

    Merrimack 24 Telephone Banking
    Automated Funds Transfer
    Wire Transfer Services
    Safe Deposit
    24 Hour Depositories

Contact us for more information or visit any branch to open an account and begin a truly rewarding banking relationship.

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