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The Merrimack Donates $15,000 to Peggy and David Gilmour Medical Respite Center of Harbor Homes

Merrimack County Savings Bank (the Merrimack) donated $15,000 to the nonprofit agency Harbor Homes in Nashua. This donation will assist with the furnishing of the soon-to-open Peggy and David Gilmour Medical Respite Center, an expanded service of their federally qualified Harbor Homes’ Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center (FQHC). The FQHC is one of a few health centers in the state designed for the homeless, and the only site that provides all three health care services (primary, mental/behavioral, dental) under one roof. The Peggy and David Medical Respite Center will be the state’s first and only medical respite program of its kind, providing medical preparation and recuperation assistance for the underserved community.

Kyle Schneck, VP Commercial Lending, Peter Kelleher, President and CEO of Harbor Homes and the Partnership for Successful Living affiliates, Philip Emma, President of Merrimack County Savings Bank and James Gallagher, SVP Commercial Lending.

Once completed, 11 additional beds in double and single rooms with shared bath facilities; a nurse’s station; refrigeration and storage as well as access to a licensed kitchen/cafeteria; a fitness center and primary, behavioral and dental specialty care services will be made available.

“Our most vulnerable population who may be homeless or at risk, including many veterans, often have serious acute and chronic health conditions,” said Peter Kelleher, President and CEO of Harbor Homes and the Partnership for Successful Living affiliates. “They may suffer from mental illness or substance misuse disorder, all of which can result in frequent emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Because recuperation and proper medical follow-up is next to impossible on the streets, and difficult to come by in shelters, these individuals are at high risk of dying in the elements.”

“Oftentimes, the homeless people in our community are discharged from hospitals without a place to stay where they can recover from injuries, surgery or illness,” said James Gallagher, Senior Vice President at Merrimack County Savings Bank. “Medical respite such as the kind that will be offered at the Peggy and David Gilmour Medical Respite Center bridges the gap between medical care received in a hospital and the more restricted services found in shelters.”

Medical respite programs offer time-limited stays that allow a person to complete pre-/post-medical care administered 24 hours per day by licensed physicians and medical clinicians.

“The Merrimack continues to be active in vital health and human services programs. We are grateful for how much they share and do for our community’s most challenged,” continued Kelleher.

“It’s an honor to give to a program and organization so dedicated to helping our homeless community members,” added Philip Emma, President of Merrimack County Savings Bank. “We’re very grateful to Harbor Homes and all the affiliates of Partnership for Successful Living. I’m extremely happy the bank can support this important work.”

The unit will be dedicated to Senator Peggy Gilmour and her husband, Dr. David Gilmour, longstanding citizens of the greater Nashua community who have been heavily invested in the betterment of Harbor Homes and its five affiliate nonprofit agencies under the Partnership for Successful Living. Peggy Gilmour, who served in the New Hampshire state senate, has been a long-time supporter and advocate of Harbor Homes and the Partnership for Successful Living. Dr. Gilmour serves as Chair of the Ending Homelessness Fund Committee for Harbor Homes. Their many years of philanthropic dedication and commitment to the Partnership, stems far and wide and are deeply woven into the fabric of the Nashua community.

Harbor Homes, Inc. was established in 1980 to serve low-income, vulnerable community members throughout the entire state, with a focus on Greater Nashua and Southern New Hampshire. Harbor Homes provides housing, primary, behavioral and oral health care, as well as supportive services to more than 1,700 low-income individuals and families who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or living with mental illness and other disabilities each year. Services offered at Harbor Homes include:

  • Affordable housing and on-site assistance to more than 700 households, which include more than 400 units of emergency, transitional, permanent supportive and income-based rental housing.
  • Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center: Greater Nashua’s community health care center offering primary, preventive and dental health care, as well as professional behavioral health care services, including crisis interventions. As a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center, no one is ever turned away, due to the inability to pay for services. Free and low-cost services are available, and fees are based on income.
  • Workforce development and employment assistance.
  • Case management.
  • Veterans FIRST: a combination of housing, employment and supportive services for veterans and their families.
  • Homeless prevention services and rapid re-housing services.

The Partnership for Successful Living is the collective name of six non-profit agencies that provides a network to help NH families and individuals solve many of life’s most challenging issues and gain sustainable productivity and independence. Harbor Homes is the largest and oldest agency of the Partnership.

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