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Merrimack County Savings Bank Photo Contest Ends May 28, 2016

Merrimack County Savings Bank (the Merrimack) will be wrapping up its first annual Photo Contest on Saturday, May 28. Winning photographs will be featured in the 2017 Merrimack County Savings Bank Community Calendar as well as calendars for Meredith Village Savings Bank (MVSB) and MillRiver Wealth Management (MillRiver), or on the websites for the Merrimack, MVSB, MillRiver or New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp. Chosen photos may also be included in desk calendars, holiday cards and note cards.

Selected photographs will focus on community events and people enjoying local New Hampshire venues, attractions and businesses. Photographers of all levels and ability are encouraged to submit their best work.

Entries may be for either the calendar or website or both, and separate entry forms are required for each portion of the contest. The required format for website submissions is different from calendar submissions. Official entry forms and rules are available at any Merrimack location. Forms are also available online at

All photos and entry forms must be submitted before close of business on Saturday, May 28, 2016 to any Merrimack office. A $50 cash prize is awarded for each winning photo selected for either the calendar or website. Winners are responsible for the payment of any federal, state and local taxes on their prizes.

Calendar Entries

A maximum of five (5) color photographs may be entered per photographer. Only color photographs are considered for the Community Calendar contest (which includes selections for holiday cards and note cards).

Digital photography is preferred, and photos must be submitted as colored prints with a corresponding disc. The files should be a minimum of 300 DPI, 10” wide by 8” high and sized in TIFF, EPS or JPEG formats. 35mm slides are also acceptable. High-resolution digital images or negatives must be included with all prints at the time of entry.

Website Entries

A maximum of five (5) color photographs may be submitted per photographer. Only color photographs will be considered for the website. Entries must be submitted as digital images on disc at a minimum resolution of 72 dpi (though higher is preferred) at a size of at least 960 pixels wide x 400 pixels high along with high quality 10” wide by 4.25” high color prints.

Evaluation of all submitted photography will be “blind,” and based solely on the suitability of the subject, quality of the photograph and adherence to the purpose of the contest, which is a focus on community events and people enjoying the variety of local venues, attractions and businesses within New Hampshire. The name and identification of the photographer will not be known by the judging panel.

Full contest details are available at or at any Merrimack County Savings Bank office.

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