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Time Warner Cable Reports Data Breach

Time Warner Cable (TWC) recently announced that up to 320,000 of their customer email addresses and passwords may have been compromised. TWC believes the information was likely gathered through malware downloaded during phishing attacks or indirectly through data breaches of other companies that store TWC’s customer information.

As a precaution, Time Warner Cable email account users are being advised to change their email passwords as soon as possible. If you use the same email address and password combination for other online accounts, you should change your password for those accounts as well. To change a password for TWC visit here.

As Time Warner Cable learns more about the scope of this breach, it is important that we always follow best practices for opening emails:

  • Be extra vigilant about opening emails from unknown sources, particularly if it contains a link.
  • Never click on attachments you are not expecting.

If you suspect that your Merrimack accounts have been compromised from this or any other type of fraud, please contact us as soon as possible.

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