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EMV Chip Debit Cards Available Soon at Merrimack County Savings Bank

EMV chip technology is coming soon to Merrimack24 debit cards. Changes in EMV requirements for merchants have increased the demand for chipped cards, so we are currently awaiting our launch date. We expect to be able to issue EMV chip-enabled debit cards to customers in the next few months.

The EMV chip, short for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, is located on the front of a credit or debit card and assigns a unique, one-time code to every transaction made with that card at a chip-enabled terminal. This unique code makes it more difficult for a fraudster to create a counterfeit card using stolen magnetic stripe information.

Chip cards are accepted at millions of locations internationally and are quickly coming to more locations within the United States. As we work to add this technology to our cards, please rest assured that our current non-chipped debit cards are still readable, and consumers continue to receive zero-liability protection. You can use both chipped and non-chipped cards to shop online, and the new chipped cards will also contain magnetic stripes to accommodate merchants who have not yet installed the new terminals.

To learn more about EMV technology, visit the links below:

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