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CATCH Neighborhood Housing Awarded $2,500 Grant through Grants for New England Partnership

Concord, NH – October 9, 2015 – CATCH Neighborhood Housing, Inc. was recently granted $2,500 through the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) of Boston’s Grants for New England Partnerships (GNP) program on behalf of Merrimack County Savings Bank. Under the GNP program, eligible members choose a nonprofit organization to receive the award. The Merrimack became eligible through its sustained participation in the FHLB of Boston’s Affordable Housing Program and Equity Builder Program.

Left to right: Ed Caron, Merrimack EVP, Senior Credit Officer, Rosemary Heard, CATCH Neighborhood Housing President and Randy Guay, Merrimack VP, Commercial Loan Officer

“Merrimack County Savings Bank and its employees are proud to support local organizations that make our community a better place to live, work and raise a family. It’s our pleasure to offer any assistance we can to help further the economic advancement of our community.” said Phil Emma, Chief Operating Officer and President-Elect of Merrimack County Savings Bank.

“We are very grateful for the long-time support Merrimack County Savings Bank has offered through the years,” said Rosemary Heard, President of CATCH Neighborhood Housing. “They’ve helped make it possible for hard-working families of modest means to find and live in affordable, quality homes they can be proud of.”

The GNP program was established by FHLB of Boston to recognize the importance of partnerships between members and community-based nonprofit organizations in developing successful community investment initiatives.

CATCH Neighborhood Housing’s mission is to strengthen their communities by creating opportunities for affordable, quality housing for people otherwise not being served in Merrimack County. CATCH has earned a reputation for excellence by being involved and committed to the community and prides itself on creating innovative housing solutions for low- or moderate- income individuals and families. For more information on CATCH, visit:

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