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The Children’s Place and Parent Education Center Receives $2,000 Grant from Merrimack Foundation

Concord, NH – June 30, 2015 – The Merrimack County Savings Bank Foundation granted $2,000 to the Children’s Place and Parent Education Center in Concord, NH. This grant will go toward the organization’s Early Childhood Enrichment Program for early education and socialization, reaching children that range in age from two months to six years. This is one of 19 awards presented by the Foundation to not-for-profit organizations, according to Paul Rizzi, President and CEO of Merrimack County Savings Bank.

Paul Rizzi, Merrimack President and CEO presents check to Mary Stuart Gile, Children’s Place and Parent Education Center Board President.

“Our thanks and appreciation goes out to the Merrimack County Savings Bank Foundation for recognizing the importance of early childhood education,” said Mary Stuart Gile, the Children’s Place Board President. “Research indicates that comprehensive early childhood development programs, like Early Childhood Enrichment, improve the cognitive and social-emotional functioning of pre-school children, which positively influences their readiness to learn in a school setting. It’s wonderful to have received Foundation support for our program.” Though the Early Childhood Enrichment Program serves a wide variety of families with young children in Greater Concord, attention is paid to those from low-moderate income households.

In addition to the Early Childhood Enrichment Program, support services, parent education and community outreach programs are also provided through the Children’s Place. Founded in 1978 by a group of parents and community professionals, the Children’s Place has filled the need for educational and support services for families with children under the age of six years old in Greater Concord. For more information, visit:

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