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New Bank Branch Coming Soon to Hooksett

Concord, NH – December 17, 2014 – Merrimack County Savings Bank will be opening its eighth branch at the new Welcome Center on I-93 North in Hooksett, NH. The branch is also accessible from 530 West River Road on Route 3A, and is expected to open in January 2015, according to Paul Rizzi, President and CEO.

Merrimack County Savings Hooksett Branch expected to open in January 2015.

“What I am most excited about is the wonderful new experience customers will have at this branch,” said Rizzi. “Instead of a traditional teller line, we will have a teller pod. When customers come into the branch, they will be greeted by a bank employee and taken to the teller pod, where business is conducted either standing or sitting at the pod.” The teller pod will remove barriers between customers and tellers. It offers a secure alternative to the traditional teller cash drawer, as the banker will be able move from the teller workstation with no risk to the cash stored within.

The branch at the Hooksett Service Plaza on I-93 North can be accessed from inside the Welcome Center or from Route 3A on 530 West River Road. The branch will also have two private offices, a night depository accessible on the Route 3A side of the building and an ATM machine.

A 24-hour ATM will also be available at the I-93 South Welcome Center on the opposite side of highway.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the new Welcome Center in Hooksett,” said Linda Lorden, Senior Vice President, Retail Branch Administration. Lorden continued, “Our branch is really coming together and customers will be pleased with its clean layout and functional space. Construction went without a hitch and we look forward to opening soon.”

Merrimack County Savings Bank expects to open the doors to its branch in Hooksett within the next several weeks.

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