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Important News About Debit Cards Used At Home Depot Between April and August

Industry experts and news sources have reported that Home Depot may have fallen victim to a data breach and that sensitive information such as debit and credit card numbers may have been targeted. These sources also state that, while Home Depot has not confirmed the data breach, all paths regarding a common point of purchase lead back to Home Depot and that all of their stores could be affected.

While no fraud has been reported or linked to this compromise, we are taking a proactive step by reissuing cards used at Home Depot between April and August 2014. If your debit card was used at Home Depot during that time frame you can expect to receive a new debit card and PIN within the next few weeks. We will also be mailing letters to customers that were impacted. As we learn more about the breach you may receive additional information from us about your debit card(s).

Perpetrators have become increasingly sophisticated with the use of stolen consumer information and the creation of counterfeit cards. Most recently, fraudsters have been purchasing cards based on the city, state and zip code tied to the card number. They will then make fraudulent purchases in or around the area where consumer lives and shops in an attempt to fool fraud detection software.

We will be monitoring our debit cards closely and will notify you directly of any unusual activity. We also encourage you to monitor your accounts using online, mobile or phone banking and to notify us immediately of any transactions that are not authorized by you.

If you have questions, please contact us in the way that is most convenient for you.

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