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March 2014 STAR of the Month Awarded to Kerri Pinciaro

Concord, NH – April 28, 2014 – The Merrimack is pleased to recognize Kerri Pinciaro with its Employee STAR of the Month award for March 2014. Kerri Pinciaro of Concord, NH, is the Customer Service Representative at Merrimack’s Integra Drive branch in Concord. Merrimack STAR awards are peer-nominated and distributed monthly. Kerri was recognized for her positive nature, can-do attitude and exceptional dedication to customers.

Kerri Pinciaro wins March STAR of the Month Award. From left to right: Michael Hardiman, Teller Supervisor, Linda Lorden, Senior Vice President, Kerri Pinciaro and Paul Rizzi, President and CEO.

One of the 12 monthly prizewinners will go on to win the Annual STAR Award which includes a paid vacation day and cash prize. “It’s always wonderful to surprise our STAR employees and it was no different with Kerri,” said Paul C. Rizzi, Jr., President and CEO of Merrimack County Savings Bank. Paul continued, “Kerri has been a motivating presence for her peers at the Integra Drive office. It was obvious from their beaming faces how well-respected she is.” Paul proceeded to read from several of the peer-submitted comments about Kerri: “She is a positive employee who works with efficiency. She is very friendly and welcoming to everyone, especially our customers. She is also very knowledgeable and her attitude serves as a wonderful example to us all.”

About The Merrimack STAR Awards

Originally developed in 1997, ‘STAR’ referred to “Standards to Achieve Results”. Today, the term ‘STAR’ has evolved to define exceptional employees, nominated by their peers, who are considerate, work well with everyone and make a habit of ‘going the extra mile’.

STARs are monthly, peer-nominated performance awards given to Merrimack employees, chosen by Merrimack employees. From the monthly winners, a STAR of the Year is selected and announced at the annual company dinner. STAR recipients are employees who most embody Merrimack Style,which includes:
­- Delivering excellent value at a fair price.
­- Respecting customers and striving to develop lasting relationships based on personal service and mutual trust.
­- Accepting responsibility for actions.
­- Adhering to unquestioned honesty and integrity, while remaining prudent stewards of customers’ money.
­- Providing stability and reliability in the marketplace over the long term.
­- Delivering community leadership and support as a good corporate citizens.
­- Treating peers with dignity and respect, while nurturing their personal and professional growth.

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