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$4,400 Granted to Partnership for Successful Living

Nashua, NH – January 15, 2014 – The Merrimack County Savings Bank Foundation recently granted $4,400 to Partnership for Successful Living as part of its annual grant program. The grant will further their mission of providing housing, health care, education, employment and supportive services to Southern New Hampshire’s most vulnerable members. The Foundation presented grants to 19 not-for-profit organizations, one of which was Partnership for Successful Living, according to Paul Rizzi, Merrimack CEO and President.

Left to right: Ed Caron, Merrimack Executive Vice President, Peter Kelleher, Partnership for Successful Living President and CEO, Paul Rizzi, Merrimack President and CEO, Lori Piper, Merrimack Senior Vice President.

Partnership for Successful Living is a 501(c)3, non-profit umbrella organization with six partner agencies, creating a network to help NH families and individuals solve many of life’s most challenging issues and gain sustainable independence.

Program services delivered through the Partnership members include:
- substance use disorder treatment, prevention, and recovery support services;
- primary and preventive healthcare;
- HIV/AIDS education, case management, supportive services, affordable housing, and prevention;
- health care and homemaking services for elderly, disabled, and home bound individuals;
- affordable and supportive housing solutions for individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness;
- training, workforce development, event and conference planning for non-profit and for-profit organizations;
- mental health treatment.

For more information, visit: The Merrimack has offered past support to Harbor Homes and Keystone Hall, two of six programs under the Partnership for Successful Living umbrella. The bank has collaborated with Harbor Homes since 2003 to provide construction and permanent financing support for three veterans’ housing facilities, totaling 92 units of housing for homeless veterans and their families In 2012, the bank contributed to the expansion and growth of Keystone Hall, the largest contractor of the NH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services in the state. Keystone provides evidence-based treatment and prevention services to more than 700 individuals and families each year. New residential and outpatient services are available because of this expansion. “The Merrimack goes above and beyond in learning and participating in vital community activities, and they share their incredible expertise for the benefit of the community’s most vulnerable members,” said Peter Kelleher, President and CEO of Partnership for Successful Living.

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