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Did You Know?

Money Market Accounts are coded as checking accounts in our system. Therefore, when you go to the ATM and want to select your Money Market account, you will find it under the checking category. For example, if you transfer from Basic Checking to a Money Market, this would be a checking to checking transfer. For more details about our Money Market accounts, click here.

ATM Skimmer Notification

There have been reports of active ATM card skimming affecting the northeast region of the United States. ATM skimmers have targeted banks in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island in recent weeks. This is a sophisticated group using multiple types of devices to skim sensitive financial information. The first device reads the mag stripe, and the second contains a camera that records PINs entered by ATM users. Images of the reader can be found here. Images of the camera can be found here. Please share this information, and do not hesitate to contact the bank if you believe you have been affected.